Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oops I did it again...

Apparently I can't stay away from CVS. And Blogger!

I bought two Rimmel blushes, in Berry and Spicy Nude. I wasn't sure about the pigmentation at first but check out the swatches below! These were 87¢ each!!!! I am tempted to go back and buy them all! The Berry color has a bit of shimmer, which the picture doesn't really show but it's not chunky at all. I did take all of my pictures in natural sunlight for better quality this time around.

Also got a Revlon Matte Lipstick in In the Red. This color is NUTS! I'm a little scared to wear it but it's so beautiful. I think I'll use it as more of lip-stain on a night out. And I picked up another Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in Creamy Coral...I. Love. This. Color. It could be my everyday lipcolor now. It's a little bit pinker than my natural lipcolor. I'm a fan of the Colorstay Lipsticks, they glide on so smooth.

And last but not least, I also bought this Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen. I haven't tried yet, but it seems like a really cool concept. I'll update with how well it works soon (as I make mistakes often, haha).

Good night!!! The CVS sale will go until the 16th, so get it before it's gone!


  1. Hello thanks for the invite!! I'm sad to say that i CAN'T see your pictures :(!! I'll check back soon! have a Fab day sweets!!

  2. i really would like to see what in the red lipstick looks like can u do a good swatch of it please

  3. How is the staying power on the Rimmel Blushes? The color is great! Never tried Rimmel... Hope the CVS sale is going on in Chicago, too.

  4. Apparently, I can't stay away either. I did another $50 haul


  5. i wonder what's up with the pictures...lisa do you host on photobucket? hmmm it's been showing up on my laptop... i'll see what's up.

    i'll do a better swatch of the red lipstick tonight!!!

    i haven't worn the rimmel blushes for long wear, but will be going out tonight so i'll try it!!!!

  6. i like the little rimmel blushes too! i have the one in peach and it fits in my everyday makeup bag perfectly cause it's so small :) xx

  7. anita! they're 87cents right now at CVS go for it!!

  8. staying power of the rimmel blushes is great! but i used the sephora finishing spray though so i don't know if it's the spray that helped? but it lasted a whole night at dave and busters and 4th meal afterwards!

    sorry on the lack of swatch...the lighting was just too bad.
    will attempt tomorrow morning in sunlight.

  9. i host on photobucket, but I pay for my account for unlimited bandwidth.

    I'm seeing the photos fine x_x